ACL Injury


ACL Injury (anterior cruciate ligament)

Acl (anterior cruciate ligament) injury refers to the sprain or tear of the most important ligament of knee known as Anterior cruciate ligament. These types of injury are common about the sportsmen who do sudden moments while playing basketball, soccer etc. Patient feels a sudden popping in the knee at the time of injury resulting in swollen and painful joint.

SymptomsACL Injury Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • A deep pooping feeling in the joint.
  • Acute swelling.
  • Extreme pain and restrictive mobility.
  • Range of motion will be narrowed.
  • Unstable feeling when standing.


  • Abrupt change of direction of motion.
  • Strongly planted foot undergoing pivoting.
  • High jump landing in awkward position.
  • Having a tight blow at the back of knee during movement.
  • Stopping suddenly during running.


  • High rate risk of developing osteoarthritis even after reconstrutive surgery.
  • Risk of developing arthritis increases if there is increase moment within a short time after surgery.


  • X-ray is used to rule out any underlying bone fractures
  • MRI is beneficial as it indicates the extent of injury and other side tissues and cartilage which can have possible injury.
  • Ultrasound give report about injuries in tendons,ligaments and muscles of knee.


First aid care prove to be a major guardian for patients as it can limit much serious consequences of ACL injury which can occur if proper first aid is not givien.

  • Injury follows longer duration of rehabilitation therapy which aids in lessing swelling , pain and regaining of movement.
  • ACL reconstruction surgery is offered by the doctor if patient is a sportsperson and want to continue heavy sports again.

Home remedies

These are some points to be followed at home. It can said as  mnemonic R.I.C.E

  • Rest duration should be increased. Heavy weight lifting should be avoided.
  • Icing your knee is crucial for 20 minutes after every 2 hour.
  • Compression or bandage around knee.
  • Elevating knee with the help of pillows.
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