Alcohol use disorder which is also called ALCOHOLISM. It is a pattern which is associated with the over use of alcohol and struggle of controlling it’s addiction. Drinking the alcohol that becomes a severe problem is diagnosed as “alcohol use disorder”.


AUD can be mild, severe or moderate, based on the amount of people consume alcoholAlcohol use disorder SYMPTOMS TREATMENT

  • Unable to control the amount of alcohol per drinking
  • Can’t do routine stuff
  • Unable to control the urge of drinking
  • problem in judgement, difficult to take decision when you drink
  • Doing every illegal stuff to get alcohol or drink
  • After some time of use of alcohol develope tolerance to get same high as previous
  • If consumption of alcohol increases concentration in the blood also increases leads to alcohol intoxication
  • If after chronic and long term use of alcohol it’s abruptly stopped or quantity is lowered person feel withdrawal state characterized by hand tremors,rapid heart beat,nausea,vomiting and sleeping problems.
  • Liver problems
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Gastritis
  • Pancreatitis

There could be many environmental,social, genetical, psychological factors or the combination of these factors.Repeated consumption of alcohol leads to the development of tolerance requiring more quantity to get same euphoria.


It’s done by thoroughly taking history, performing details general physical examination, prescribing different laboratory test and imagining test, evaluating psychological behavior, using DSM-5 criteria (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) Fifth edition.


Treatment of alcohol use disorder may include.

  • Psychological counseling help the people to get out from anxiety and depression.
  • Detoxification from the use of alcohol and gradually tappering the dose to prevent withdrawal reaction.
  • Joining different therapeutic groups to learn skills to manage the cravings
  • Oral medication like antabuse is used to cure.
  • Injected medication like vivitrol (version of naltrexone is used.
Home remedies and alternative medicine
  • Develop good habits like regular exercise,healthy diet.
  • Manage to get routine tough in which you don’t have time to think about drinking.
  • Avoid going to clubs and parties in which you can get drunk
  • Yoga, meditation and acupuncture are some medication for alcohol stoppage.
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