Amnesia defined as the loss of information facts and memory. It is also called an amnestic syndrome. People with amnesia have difficulty in learning process and trouble at working. It is caused by damage in the brain memory area.


Signs and symptoms of amnesia include:Alzheimer's disease

  • Trouble in learning new information
  • Difficulty remembering previous events of life
  • Confusion
  • Disorient personality
  • Making false memories

Any damage to the part of the brain which involves the memory-making function causes amnesia. Causes of neurological amnesia include:


Complications depends on the severity of symptoms. Most often it causes difficulty at work, school and in social activities.


Your doctor will take a medical history to rule out the other conditions of memory loss like alzheimer’s disease. Question in history include:

  • Onset of memory loss
  • Duration of memory loss
  • Triggering factors
  • Family history
  • Drug abuse
  • Seizures history

Diagnostic tests include:

  • Imaging test to check any tumor and mass growth in brain
  • Blood tests to rule out any infectious cause of amnesia

Aim of treatment is to make the quality of life better. Following options of treatments are available:

  • Use of technology to retain the memory and work related information
  • Occupational therapy to learn new things and understand things easily
  • Medications like vitamins to make nutrition status better
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