Attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder

Attention deficit,hyperactivity disorderm ADHD

It is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and adults. ADHD is a disorder that includes persistent problems like difficultly in sustaining attention, hypermobility, and passionate spontaneous behavior.

Affected children struggle with low confidence, problems in relationships, low productivity at work.


Major symptoms of ADHD consist inattention and hyperactive- personality. Males are more prone to affected with it than females. Degree of severity of symptoms may varies. Signs and symptoms may included:

  • Fail to pay attention
  • Have trouble in focusing on tasks
  • Avoid tasks which include mental activities
  • Easily distracted
  • Talk too much
  • Having difficulty in waiting

Main cause of ADHD is still not known. But there are many factors who play their

role in the development of ADHD like environmental factors, genetics and problems with the brain.


Complications of ADHA are included:

  • Risk of accidents and injuries
  • Difficulty in learning process
  • At high risk of drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Have low self confidence
  • Difficulty in interacting with people

Following are the preventive measurement of ADHA:

  • Limit your screen time
  • During pregnancy avoid anything which can cause any effect on the development of your child
  • Avoid the exposure of pollutants and environmental toxins

Signs and symptoms appear at early life. Your doctor make diagnosis of ADHD by recommend the following test:

  • Medical history
  • Ask some general questions
  • Medical exam to rule out other causes of symptoms
  • ADHA rating scales

There many options of treatment for ADHD like behavior therapy, educational therapy and general counselling.

Medications includes:

  • Methylphenidates
  • Amphetamines
  • Dexedrine

behavior therapy includes:

  • Social skills training
  • Parenting training
  • Psychological counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Behavior therapy
Life Style Modifications
  • Spend more time with your children
  • Give him/her confidence
  • Involve the child in daily chores of the house
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