Baby Acne

Baby Acne

It is defined as the acne develops on the skin of newborn baby. Mostly It appeared on the cheeks, forehead and nose but occur anywhere on the face. It is a temporary condition and resolve on its own with any scar formation.


Baby acne symptoms Treatment


It usually develops in the initial weeks 

after birth and characterized by small red and white acne type bump on skin of face.


The exact cause of baby acne is not known yet.


It can be diagnosis during routine checkup no specific test is required.


There is no specific treatment is available for baby acne because it resolves on its own within few months. If it causes the pain then your doctor might recommend the medicated cream. Don’t use any other cream of baby’s skin because skin of newborn is very sensitive and fragile.

Lifestyle and home remedies

  • Wash your baby’s face with clean wet cloth
  • Dry the face gently
  • Don’t scrub the face of baby
  • Avoid using any powder and creams on face of baby
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