Bad Breath

Bad breath

It is also known as halitosis. Bad breath may cause the reason of embarrassment during communication with people and it also causes anxiety. It can occur in certain disease and many foods also cause halitosis.


Bad odor may vary in odor depend upon the causes. Some people have increase odor during breathing or some people less odor during breathing it’s all depend upon the underlying causes.


There are many causes of halitosis which include:

  • Poor mouth hygiene.
  • Smoking due to tobacco.
  • Certain food may cause halitosis.
  • Diseases like cancer and GERD may also cause bad odor.
  • Dry mouth due to xerostomia.
  • Infection in oral cavity also causes halitosis.


Your doctor will diagnosis the bad odor during talking and checking the mouth for oral examination and rate the odor on a scale. In some places odor detecting device is also available to detect the odor and tell the cause of odor.


Your doctor may give the following option of treatment to reduce the bad odor:

  • Treat the underlying teeth disease.
  • Recommend the antibacterial toothpaste to remove the plaque.
  • Prescribed you a mouth freshener.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Home remedies to reduce the halitosis include:

  • Brush your teeth after eating lunch or dinner.
  • Brush your tongue.
  • Avoid the plaque formation.
  • Use floss once in a day.
  • Change your tooth brush regularly
  • Avoid dryness in mouth
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