Baker's Cyst

Baker’s Cyst

A baker’s cyst which is develop behind the knee is a fluid filled cyst, occur due to the arthritis or cartilage tear. It causes pain during flexion or extension of knee. It is also known as popliteal cyst because it occurs in popliteal fossa.


Signs and symptoms of baker’s cyst include:Bakers Cyst Symptoms Treatment

  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Swelling behind the knee
  • Pain in the knee


In the joint space there is a fluid called synovial fluid which helps to reduce the friction between the bones during movement and made sliding of bones easily during movement but some time the production of synovial fluid increase which cause the fluid filled cyst in the joint space behind the knee. Causes of increase secretion of synovial fluid include:

  • Cartilage tear
  • Inflammation around the joint which is occur in arthritis.


Complication of the popliteal cyst include:

  • Swelling in the back of the leg
  • Intense pain in your knee
  • Redness around the affected area.


It can be diagnosis through the physical examination. To confirm the diagnosis and rule out the other condition which cause the same signs and symptom your doctor may recommend the following tests:

  • X-ray to check the extend of disease.
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood test


Treatment options include

Physical therapy. To reduce the pain and help in the movement.

Medication. To control the inflammation and reduce the pain in the knee joint.

Fluid drainage. Drain the fluid through the needle aspiration.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Following tips will help to reduce the signs and symptoms of baker’s cyst:

  • Take the over the counter pain killer to reduce the pain.
  • Rest your leg avoid unnecessary movement.
  • Icing the area to reduce the swelling.
  • Try topical analgesic creams.
  • Avoid exercise and heavy lifting.
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