Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder

It is mental illness in which you can’t stop eating even your stomach is full and you eat large number of calories throughout the day and still feel hungry. This become a habit in some people and some people eat excessively on occasions or weekend.


Signs and symptoms of binge-eating disorder include:Binge Eating Disorder Causes Treatment

  • Eating behavior is not it control
  • Eating even you can’t feel hungry
  • Consume large number of calories
  • Eat in an episode
  • Start dieting in response to weight gain
  • Feeling depressed about condition

The exact cause of binge-eating disorder is not known yet but it may be assumed that certain psychological, genetical and environmental play their role in the development of the disorder.


Complications on binge-eating disorder include:


Your doctor may take a deep medical history to evaluate the causes and may recommend the following test to confirm the diagnosis:

  • Blood test to check the any causes.
  • Urine test to check the proteinuria
  • Physical examination
  • Sleep routine check

Treatment option depend upon the severity of your disorder. It contains both therapy and medication options:

  • Psychotherapy may help to fight with your disorder and help to cope up with your sign and symptoms.
  • Drugs are used to treat the symptoms which is produce due to the disorder, like antiepileptic to control the seizures and antidepressant to reduce the panic attacks and depression.
Lifestyle and Home Remedies
  • Stick to your diet plan which is given by your doctor
  • Avoid dieting
  • Start your day with healthy breakfast
  • Take all the vitamins
  • Change your environment
  • Exercise daily
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