Body Lice

Body Lice

They are the tiny insects, live on the human body where clothing touches the body like shoulder, waist, groin, and neck. The size of the body lice is about the size of a sesame seed. Body lice take nutrition by sucking blood through human skin.


Signs and symptoms of the body include the body itching, bite marks, and small areas of scar formation.


Natural habitats for body lice are your clothes and bedding where they produce their eggs but for the nutrition, they travel to your skin. The most common places for body lice to find are your clothes and bedding.


Usually, the does not cause any serious complications but sometime it may lead to the complications include:Body Lice Causes Symptoms Treatment

  • Sometimes they transfer the other bacterial diseases
  • They may cause secondary infection due to scratching
  • Skin thickening and discolouration occurs

Your doctor diagnosis the body lice by looking at them during physical examination.


The basic treatment option of body lice is to maintain personal hygiene. Wash your cloth properly with soap or washing powder. Change your bedding once a week. Take a bath daily. For itching, your doctor gives you a soothing lotion only because anti-lice treatment is dangerous for humans.

Lifestyle and Home Remedies
  • Take bath daily
  • Use soap and body wash
  • Wash your cloth properly
  • Iron them before wearing
  • Change bedsheet after a week
  • Use your personal pillow
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