Broken Toe

Broken Toe

It is occurred when something heavy fall on your toe and cause fracture in toe bone. Usually it can heal by casting it with neighboring toe.


Below mention are the sign and symptoms of broken toe:Broken Toe Symptoms Treatment

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Discoloration of skin of toe
  • Bruising over toe

It is occurred due to the falling of heavy thing on your foot or toe sometime your toe stub with hard thing and got injured.


It may lead to following complications:


After taking history your doctor might recommend the X-ray of your foot to check the extend of fracture.


Treatment option include:

  • Immobilization by taping with neighboring toe to reduce the movement. Casting a toe also help in healing.
  • Medication for pain and swelling
  • Reduction treatment to aligned the pieces of toe bone at their right place.
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