Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa

It is a mental disorder in which people eat more than they need, binge eating habit found in this disorder. They don’t have control over their eating habit then after getting weight they want to get rid of them by some unnatural way.


Signs and symptoms include:Binge Eating Disorder Causes Treatment

  • Having fear of weight gain
  • Bad body shape and weight
  • Episodes of binge eating
  • Loss of control during eating
  • Forceful exercise to get rid of extra weight
  • Fasting

Like other mental illness it is assumed that certain factors like genetic, physical and environmental factors play their role in the development if this disorder.


If left untreated it may cause the following complications:


Your doctor might do certain things to diagnosis your condition include:

  • Calculate your BMI
  • Listen about your symptoms
  • Tell you about eating habits
  • Give you a weight loss plan
  • Perform physical examination
  • Recommend a blood and urine analysis to diagnosis the other causes of this disorder.

Treatment depend upon the severity of your symptoms, there several options of treatment which include:

  • Psychotherapy includes family-based treatment to educated parents about their child condition and asked for their help to the child, cognitive behavioral therapy help you to reduce the sign and symptoms.
  • Medications like antidepressant and anti-anxiety help you to reduce your anxiety and depression.
Lifestyle and Home Remedies
  • Follow your treatment plan
  • Take the right nutrition
  • Take proper amount of sleep
  • Exercise daily
  • Learn about your condition
  • Avoid stress
  • Limit alcohol consumption
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