Bullous Pemphigoid

Bullous pemphigoid

It is the uncommon condition of skin in which blisters appeared in skin. Blisters are usually fluid-filled and mostly occur on abdomen, thighs and armpits. Older adults are more prone to get this blister. 


Below mention are the signs and symptoms of bullous pemphigoid:Bullous pemphigoid Symptoms Treatment

  • Eczema like rash
  • Itching
  • Reddish color skin
  • Large fluid filled blisters
  • Soreness in mouth

This is the occur due to the abnormal functioning of the immune system but there are many causes which developed these blisters include:

  • Radiations
  • Medications like sulfasalazine, etanercept and penicillin.
  • Certain medical condition also elicits this condition like lichen planus, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

For diagnosis your doctor might recommend the certain tests to rule out the other conditions like:

  • Blood test to check the complete count of blood cells.
  • Urine analysis
  • Skin biopsy

Treatment depend upon the severity of condition. The aim of treatment is to stop the inflammation and prevent the complications.

  • Steroid-sparing drugs will help you to reduce the inflammation by decreasing the production of white blood cells called immune cells of your body.
  • Corticosteroids to reduce the infection and inflammation
Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Along with treatment, home remedies will provide you a better result:

  • Eat a healthy food
  • Clean your wound regularly
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Avoid heavy activities
  • Wore light loose cotton cloths
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