It is defined as the condition in which calcium accumulated in the blood vessels of your fat and skin tissues. Usually kidney failure people developed this condition.


Below mention are the signs and symptoms of calciphylaxis:Calciphylaxis Symptoms Treatment

  • Net like purple color pattern on skin
  • Painful lumps
  • Infections
  • Kidney pain


The exact mechanism of calciphylaxis is not known yet. But in blood clotting abnormalities it may be occurred. Blood clotting factors involved in the clotting process of blood and prevent bleeding. It is also occurred in some calcium metabolism abnormalities which lead to calcium accumulation.


If left untreated it may lead to the following complications:

  • Blood infection
  • Non-healing large ulcers
  • Severe pain
  • Renal failure
  • Death due to multiorgan failure


After taking medical history your doctor might recommend the following test to rule out the causes:

  • Imaging test like x-ray and ultrasound to check the calcium deposition at organs and in vessels.
  • Skin biopsy to rule out the other causes.
  • Blood test to measure the certain hormones level like parathyroid hormone, and other minerals level.re


Treatment options include:

  • Anticoagulant medicine to dissolve the clot and restore the blood flow.
  • Restore oxygen supply to prevent ischemia.
  • Dialysis if it affects the kidneys
  • Change medication if your medication is involved in this condition.
  • Sugery for overactivated parathyroid glands
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