Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

It is a childhood rare speech disorder in which child unable to make correct movement while speaking therefore difficulty in speech occur. This is the function of brain to send stimulus for correct movement of muscles while speaking.


Signs and symptoms may vary among children and different from age to age. It can be associated with delay onset of first word, limited speaking, difficulty in making new words. The symptoms may appear after 18 months and if remain till 2 years then CAS can be suspected. Some symptoms include:

  • Vowel distortion
  • Difficulty in moving from one sentence to another
  • Wrong pronunciation of common words
  • Difficulty in making muscles movement during speech
  • Limited speech
  • Unable to initiated sentences

The exact cause of childhood apraxia is still unknown but it may be assumed that it may be occurred due to some neurological problems like injury to the brain and stroke or infection to the brain substance which is involved in the speech.


Complications can occur in this condition include:

  • Delay intellectual development
  • Delay motor development
  • Delayed language
  • Difficulty to understand speech

After taking history about medical and family history of child your doctor performs a physical examination to check the strength and reflexes of muscles. Doctor check the speech of child by communicating the child direct speech evaluation tests include:

  • Oral –motor assessment test to check the lip jaw and tongue movement during speech.
  • Hearing test
  • Speech evaluation to observe child during routine activity

Treatment options include:

  • Speech therapy. Help the child to focus on learning syllables, words and sentences. At start 5-6 times per week this therapy required but after reducing the symptoms, time of therapy may be reduced.
  • Sound and movement exercise
  • Speech drills
  • Vowel practice
  • Speaking practice
  • Speech practice at home
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