It Is the congenital foot disorder in which foot of your newborn twisted or bend inward on medially. In clubfoot condition the tissues which hold the muscles to the bones are short in length most often. It is a common problem and occur isolated without any other problems.


Clubfoot may look like:Clubfoot Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Affected leg may be shorter in length
  • Foot is twisted downward or inward
  • Calf muscles in affected muscles are underdeveloped

The exact cause of clubfoot is not known but it may be assumed that it occurred due to the genetical and environment effects.


If left untreated it may cause the following complications:

  • Calf size of affected leg may be smaller than normal leg
  • Shoe size is also smaller of affect foot
  • Movement is slightly less flexible
  • Mobility of affected leg may be normal

It is diagnosis by your doctor just after the birth of your baby by seeing the foot of baby, he/she might recommend the x-ray to check the extend of twisting of bone.


Treatment start just after the one week of birth because in start bones and tensons are soft and flexible and give better result of treatment. Treatment options include:

  • Ponseti method or casting the foot and stretching the foot to reposition the tendon.
  • If clubfoot is not correct with casting and above method then surgery is done to correct the defect.
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