Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins

It is defined as the physically connected newborn. It is occurred during early development when embryo failed to divided completely therefore two fetuses developed together. They joint by chest abdomen or sometime share one or more internal organ also.


Conjoined twins do not show any specific signs and symptoms only the uterus grow faster than normal single pregnancy, maybe there is more nausea and vomiting in first Conjoined twins may be joined at any of these sites:

Twins may be joint by chest called thoracopagus, by abdomen called omphalopagus,  by pelvis called ishiopagus and by trunk called parapagus.


It is occurred in the early development after the eight to twelve days after fertilization of egg. Zygote split into two fetuses but joint through some organ and developed conjoint twins.


It may cause some serious complications and required c section for delivery. Conjoined twins usually born prematurely. Sometime twins have heart and respiratory problems and may developed cerebral palsy later in life.


Diagnosis of conjoined twins occur after the first trimester through regular ultrasound. Doctor might recommend the MRI to check the exact site of attachment of twins.


Treatment option depend on the severity of condition of conjoined twin’s separation surgery may have certain issues include:

  • If left untreated what issues it may causes
  • What If twins share vital organ
  • Complications after surgery
  • What type of support baby needed after surgery
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