Cystitis is a medical condition in which there is inflammation of the bladder mostly due to the bacterial infection and that’s why also known as urinary tract infection.

Symptomscystitis symptoms causes treatment
  • Persistent an excessive urgency
  • Burning sensation during micturition
  • Low grade fever
  • Increased frequency of urination passing small amount of urine
  • Urine becomes cloudy or strong-smelling.
  • Discomfort in pelvic area
  • Blood tinged urine
  • Pressure in lower abdomen

Inflammation of the bladder occur because of many condition including infectious and noninfectious.

  • Bacterial cystitis occur due to invasion of bacteria mostly E-coli in the urinary tract.
  • Non-infectious cystitis include many types like interstitial cystitis, radiation cystitis, drug-induced cystitis, foreign body cystitis, chemical cystitis, cystitis associated with conditions like enlarged prostate, diabetes, kidney stones etc.

Untreated cystitis can lead to many complications like

  • Kidney infections
  • Microscopic hematuria
  • Gross hematuria

After detailed medical history and complete general physical examination following test are considered:

  • Urine analysis
  • Imaging test like X-rays and MRI

Treatment options include:

  • Antibiotics medications are prescribed specifically if cystitis is because of bacterial infection
  • Procedures like bladder distention and nerve stimulation are considered in interstitial type of cystitis
Home Remedies
  • Pain and pressure on the bladder can be eased by using heat pad
  • Staying hydrated with lots of fluids
  • Soaking in a warm water tub for 15 to 20 minutes can help easing the pain.
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