Food Allergy

Food Allergy

This is the type of allergy that occur because there is over-activated immune system of the body against some substances. Even a small quantity of allergy triggering food can stimulate the immune system to cause clinical features.


Some people show sign and symptoms which are not that serious but others could have life threatening reactions. However, food allergy can easily be confused with food intolerance which is not an alarming condition. Some signs and symptoms are:

  • Tingling sensation and itching in the mouth.
  • Hives,inflammation, eczema on skin.
  • Swollen lips, tongue, throat and airway.
  • Pain In abdomen, nausea.
  • Weakness and dizziness.

Main causes of food allergy is that your body identifies certain substances harmful which are not actually dangerous. When a person eats those substances, body produces certain antibodies known as immunoglobin E against the allergen. Next time that person eat that allergy causing food body releases certain chemical substances mainly histamine. This give rise to allergy symptoms.

Substances which mostly cause allergy in adult are peanuts, shellfish, fish and tea nuts. In children allergy causing substances are egg, soy, cow milk, wheat mainly. There are some other syndromes related to food allergy like Pollen-food allergy syndrome, exercise induced food allergy, food allergy, histamine in toxicity, sensitivity to food additives, food poisoning etc.


Mainly two serious complication can occur:


No single test is perfect for the diagnosis of food allergy but certain test can rule out the food allergy like:

  • Detailed history and complete general physical examination.
  • Skin test and blood test for determining particular antibodies and antigenic reactions.
  • Elimination of diet and oral food challenge are techniques which can sometimes be used as tool for diagnosis.
  • For any minor allergic reactions many over the counter medications are prescribed like antihistamines. These drugs can’t control an overwhelmed reaction.
  • For an anaphylactic reaction epinephrine auto injector shot are given in the lateral side of right thigh.
  • Other experimental therapies are also sometimes used like oral immunotherapy and early exposure.
Home Remedies
  • When buying some packed items always make sure by reading the label of ingredients that it doesn’t contain any item to which you are allergic.
  • Tell every caregiver, relatives and teachers of your child about the item of allergy. It is important as small amount of allergen can cause life threatening condition.
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