Genital Warts

Genital Warts

It is the sexually transmitted viral infection which is cause human papillomavirus. This virus affects the moist part of your skin like genital area. HPV have more than one type of strain some causes only genital lesion some cause even causes cancer.


It can develop on the moist area of your genital region like vulva vagina and wall of vagina, around the anal canal and cervix, sign and symptoms include:warts in genital area

  • Bleeding during intercourse
  • Cauliflower like warts
  • Small brown to pink color
  • Swelling in genital area

The cause of genital warts is viral infection which is occur due to human papilloma virus. HPV have several strains some causes only lesions and warts and some strains cause cancer.




Diagnostic test for HPV includes:

Pap tests

To prevent the risk of cancer and HPV infection it is necessary to women have regular pelvic examination and pap test for screening any kind of infection. In pap smear test your doctor take sample from the vagina and from the lesion to see microscopically what are the causative organism.

HPV test

It is specific test for HPV, during pap smear test sample is also taking for culture test of HPV.


If your infection is mild you do not require medical treatment viral infection resolve on its own. But if your signs and symptoms persist then treatment options include:

  • Immunotherapy to boost your immune system like aldara and zyclara drugs.
  • Condylox is an herbal medicine which is used to treat genital warts.
  • Veregen cream is used for external warts on genital area.
  • Surgery to remove the big size warts surgical options include cryotherapy, electrocautery and surgical excision
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