Hirschsprung's Disease

Hirschsprung’s Disease

It is defined as the congenital disease in which there is absent of nerve cells in the muscles of large intestine which make difficulty in passing of stool from the intestine. The newborn with this disease does not have bowel movement after birth.


Signs and symptoms of Hirschsprung’s disease include:HIRSCHSPRUNGS DISEASE SYMPTOMS CAUSES TREATMENT


The exact cause of Hirschsprung’s disease is not known yet but it may be assumed that genetic mutation make error in DNA of nerve cells of large intestine therefore they failed to developed.


If left untreated it may lead to the life-threatening intestinal infection called enterocolitis.


After taking history and conducting a abdominal examination your doctor might recommend the following tests:

  • Anal manometry to check the muscles relaxation and contraction power.
  • Abdominal imaging test to see the detailed image of certain viscera.
  • Biopsy of intestinal tissue sample to confirm the diagnosis

Treatment options include:

  • Surgery to remove the affected lining of intestine and fixed the normal part with anus this procedure is called pull-through surgery.
  • Ostomy surgery to remove whole part of intestine which is affected and then connected the remaining part with anus.
Lifestyle and Home Remedies
  • Increase the fluids intake of your child
  • Give him/her high fiber diet
  • Involved him/her in physical activities to promote bowel movement
  • Give laxatives after asking by child’s doctor
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