It is defined as the malignancy of pigment cells called melanocytes which are present in skin eyes and rarely in throat and nose. It is the most dreadful cancer of skin. The risk of getting melanoma is increase after 40 years of age if you exposed UV rays more during life.


They arise anywhere in body like legs, arms, back and face. General signs and symptoms included:

  • Color change in existing moleMelanoma symptoms treatment
  • Development of new pigmented mole
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Irregular borders

There is a defect in the melanin producing cells called melanocyte. Mutation in the DNA of melanin producing cell cause alteration in the cell growth therefore skin damage occurred. Long term exposure to UV rays may be the reason of mutation.


Following tests and procedures your doctor might be recommended to diagnosis the melanoma:

  • Biopsy of skin lesion to check the extend of disease
  • Physical examination to check the skin condition
  • Blood test

Treatment options depend upon the size and stage of melanoma, following options are available:

  • Small melanoma should be removing immediately before they spread
  • Immunotherapy to strong the immune system
  • Targeted therapy to killed cancer cells
  • Radiotherapy to kill cancer cells by radiation
  • chemotherapy
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