It is defined as the tiny bump of white color which appeared on the baby’s nose cheeks and chin. this is common condition in newborn. They resolve on its own after few weeks and does not required any treatment.

SymptomsMILIA Causes Symptoms Treatment

The most common site of milia is nose chin and cheeks but they appeared anywhere in the body. Epstein pearls appear inside the mouth of baby on gums and on roof of mouth it is also the type of milia.


It is appeared when skin flakes logged in the small pockets near the surface of skin.


It is diagnosed at clinical by looking at the skin of baby by your doctor.


This condition does not require any treatment, milia resolves in its own in few weeks or months

Lifestyle and home remedies

Following tips will help you to reduce the milia:

  • Don’t scrub your baby face
  • Wash baby face with warm water
  • Avoid using any lotion and creams on baby face
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