Moles are defined as pigmented skin growth which is appeared as small dark brown spots on skin. They usually developed during childhood and adolescence. Sometime they change their color or appearance or sometime they fade away over time.


Signs and symptoms define by size color, shape and texture of moles:Melanoma symptoms treatment

  • Mostly moles have usually less than ¼ inch in diameter.
  • Color of mole may be varied between brown, tan, black and red or pink.
  • Some moles have smooth texture some are raised or wrinkled.
  • Shapes are oval and round

They are developed when melanocytes (pigmented cells in skin) form clusters or clumps in skin. Melanocytes are melanin producing cells which give normal color to the skin.


The main complications of moles are melanoma which is the cancerous condition certain factors increase of risk of getting melanoma include:

  • Having unusual moles
  • Having large size moles
  • Family history of melanoma

Moles can be diagnosis by your doctor by looking at you skin, for cancer suspected moles your doctor recommend the biopsy for detail examination.


Mostly people don’t require any treatments. But if your doctor suspects the cancerous condition then he/she recommend to remove the mole by surgical process. Some people remove moles for cosmetic purpose.

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