It is defined as the painless and discolored patches form on skin. It is the rare condition which form patches on mostly chest, back and belly. It usually affect the outer layer of skin but sometime penetrate the deep tissue also.


Signs and symptoms of morphea include:Morphea symptoms treatment

  • Reddish oval patches of skin
  • Patches have lighter or whiter center
  • Dry and thickened skin after sometime
  • Linear patches

The exact cause of morphea is still unknown but unusual activation of immune system may be the reason, sometime certain infections and toxin also cause morphea.


If left untreated it may cause the following complications:Morphea symptoms treatment

  • Self-esteem problems due to body image.
  • Movement issues
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Loss of sweat and hair glands
  • Eye disease

Your doctor diagnoses morphea at clinic by looking at the affected skin. Further confirmation is done by asking history and conducting a general physical examination.


Following treatment option for Morphea is available now a days:Morphea symptoms treatment

  • Light therapy
  • Oral medicine like immunosuppressive drugs
  • Medicated creams like vitamin D cream
  • Physical therapy for joints movement.
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