Pancreatic Cysts

Pancreatic Cysts

It is defined as the saclike fluid filled pockets in pancreas, which is the important organ of body located in the abdomen behind the lower part of stomach. Pancreas secrete important enzymes which help in the digestion and hormones which help to regulate the blood sugar level.


Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cysts include:Pancreatic cyst Symptoms Treatment

  • Weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Persistent abdominal pain

The exact cause of the pancreatic cysts is not found yet. Certain conditions associated with cysts formation included polycystic kidney disease, von Hippel-lindau disease.


After taking medical history and conducting a physical examination your doctor might recommend a following tests to confirm the diagnosis:

  • Physical examination of abdomen
  • Ultrasound to see the complete structures of abdomen
  • Blood test to check serum enzymes level
  • CT scan to see the detailed image of pancreas

Treatment depend upon the size and characteristic signs of the cysts which included:

  • Waiting until they cause any serious problems
  • Drainage
  • Surgical removal of cysts
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