It is defined as the abnormal growth of nerve forming cells, nerves are found throughout the body. These nerve cells are also called chromaffin cells which are important to perform many basic functions of body like regulation of blood pressure etc.


The exact cause of paraganglioma is still not found yet but mutation in the DNA of chromaffin cells may cause the abnormal growth of the cells.


Following are the tests used to diagnosis this cancer:

  • Imaging test to check the extend of tumor
  • Genetic test to detect the genetic mutation
  • Blood test to check hormone level
  • Urine test to check any abnormal enzyme or hormone

Treatment option for paraganglioma includes:

  • Surgrical removal of paraganglioma
  • Hormone control treatment by medications
  • Radiotherapy to kill the cancerous cells
  • Chemotherap to kill the malignant cells by certain cehmotherapic drugs.
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