Pilonidal Cyst, Pilonidal sinus

Pilonidal Cyst, Pilonidal sinus

It is defined as the abnormal growth of the tissue in a skin pocket like fashion, located around the tailbone above the cleft of hips. Cysts contain hair and skin tissue also.

Young men are more predisposed to this condition and after surgical removal they may recur also.


Signs and symptoms usually occur when infection occur in the cyst, symptoms include:Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms causes Treatment

  • Foul smelling pus
  • Pain
  • Bleeding from the cyst
  • Shedding of skin

The exact mechanism of the development of this cyst is unknown but it may be assumed that it occurs due to the pressure or friction between the kin folds or due to tight clothing and prolonged period of sitting in one position or may be it is causes by infection in hair follicles in buttocks area.


Complications are rare but if it occurs chronically then it may increase the risk of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

Diagnostic test includes:
  • Blood test to check the complete blood count
  • General physical examination to lookout the cyst
  • Tissue biopsy of cyst to check any suspicious growth

The first line treatment of this condition is to drain the cyst which occur at your doctor clinic by applying anesthetic gel at the affected area your doctor drains the cyst by making small incision. If your developed again after sometime then it may need to remove surgically. After surgery your doctor might leave the wound open to heal the inside of wound then apply stitches after wound is healed inside properly.

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