Pubic lice

Pubic lice

Lice which is present over the genital area it is also known as crabs. Pubic lice are different from scalp louse but they are similar in morphology that why confusion occur between two. People got pubic lice due to sexual activities..


Signs and symptoms of pubic lice include:PUBIC LICE SYMPTOMS CAUSES TREATMENT

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Lice are usually present in legs, chest, armpits and beard or mustache

The exact cause of this disease is still unknown but people mostly got this pubic louse from sexual activity and from infested blankets, towels, and clothes etc.


If left untreated it may cause the secondary infections and eye irritation like conjunctivitis etc.


After taking history your doctor might conduct the physical examination and diagnose this condition by looking at the pubic parasites.


Following treatment options will be effective in this condition:

  • Ivermectin pills to treat the parasitic infection
  • Malathion lotion for the affected area
  • Wash eyelashes with baby shampoo to prevent the infestation of louse
Lifestyle and home remedies

Following tips will help you:

  • Keep personal hygiene
  • Take shower daily
  • Use body lotion
  • Use malathion containing shampoo
  • Wash genital area properly
  • Keep your towel private
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