It is cancer of the retina which is present in the eye. Retina consists of pigmented and sensory layer. It is mostly occurred in children and rarely in adults. Image formation also occur on retina which send the sensory impulse through optic nerve to the brain.


Signs and symptoms of retinoblastoma includes:Retinoblastoma Symptoms Causes Treatment

  • Eye swelling
  • Eye redness
  • Pain and itching in eye
  • White color spot at pupil when light reflex done
  • Coordination of both eyes is abnormal

Mutation is the major cause of cancers. Retinoblastoma arise when there is mutation in DNA occur. DNA is the main machinery of cell which tell the cell everything that how to grow and how to cope up with stress. Mutation altered the DNA and grow the cells in uncontrol fashion. It is also occurred as hereditary trait.


Diagnostic test for retinoblastoma includes:

  • Blood test to check the complete count
  • Urinary analysis to check any abnormality and blood.
  • Imaging test like x-ray and ultrasound.
  • Eye examination

Treatment options include:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor or cancerous cells to prevent the metastasize.
  • Radiotherapy to kill the cancerous tissue by radiation.
  • Chemotherapy use drugs to kill the cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy to strong the immune system to fight with cancer
  • Laser treatment
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