Retractile Testicle

Retractile Testicle

Retractile testicle is a condition in which testicles can move back and forth between the scrotum and the groin. This condition can be temporary and can go away before or during the puberty.


Retractile testicles presents as:

  • Testicles can be moved from groin to scrotum by hand and doesn’t immediately retract to the groin.
  • Testicles can spontaneously appear in the scrotum
  • Testicles then spontaneously disappear again for time
  • Cryptorchidism (both of the testes fail to descend from the abdomen)

Retractile testicles is a condition which arises due to overactive muscles. Cremaster muscle is a thin pouch like muscle that holds testicles. If for some reason cremaster reflex is strong enough it can lead to retractile testicles.


Diagnosis of this condition depends upon detailed medical history and complete general physical examination of the patient. Examination of testes and it’s location in groin is detected by physical examination.


No surgery or other treatment is required for retractile testicles. The testicles is likely to descend on it’s own before or during puberty without any intervention

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