Sex Headaches

Sex Headaches

The condition in which headache occur due to the sexual activity. Onset of headache is sudden and character of pain is dull aching type. They resolve on its own and mild headache does not required any treatment.


Signs and symptoms include:Sex Headaches SYMPTOMS CAUSES TREATMENT

  • Sudden onset of pain
  • Dull aching character
  • Pain radiates towards the neck

There are many conditions which is associated with sex headache including:


After taking history and conducting physical examination your doctor might recommend the following tests:

  • CT (Computerized Tomography) scan to check the extent of disease
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to check any other causes
  • Angiogram to check the vessels condition
  • Blood test to check the complete blood count
  • Spinal tap to check infection in brain

Treatment options include:

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