Shigella Infection

Shigella Infection

The infection cause by the bacteria called shigella, it is also known as intestinal infection because it infects intestine. Shigella cause bloody diarrhea which can cause severe weakness and blood loss. Infection can be treated by proper course of broad-spectrum antibiotic.


Signs and symptoms of shigella infection include:


People got shigella infection by several ways some of which are mention below:

  • Drink contaminated water with shigella bacteria
  • Touch mouth with contaminated hands
  • Eat infected food

After taking history and conducting physical examination your doctor might recommend the stool detailed report to check the presence of organism in the bloody stool.


Infection can treat by five to seven days course of antibiotic. Treatment includes:

  • Pain killer for cramps
  • Anti-nausea drugs to reduce vomiting
  • Anti-pyretic drugs for fever
  • Antibiotic for bacterial infections
  • ORS to recover dehydration
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