The viral infection which is deadly and contagious disease and spread by infected person. It can cause disfiguring of skin. Small pox is eradicated from world in 1980 with the help of the global immunization against small pox. Today small pox virus kept in 2 laboratories for research and experimental purposes in united states of America.


Signs and symptoms of smallpox include:smallpox symptoms causes treatment


Smallpox is a viral infection which is caused by variola virus, infection spread through following routes:

  • Through contaminated items
  • Through infected people
  • Directly from person to person via sneeze or blisters’ pus

If smallpox occurs in future, then there would be difficult to diagnose at initial stages which make conditions favorable for spreading the infection. Smallpox can diagnosis through culture test from the red spot scraping or through secretions from the blisters.


There is no any cure for smallpox exists. It is a viral infection and resolves on its own. Only symptomatic treatment is helpful in this infection and in some cases antiviral therapy like tecovirimat also seems helpful.

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