Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida

The condition in which spinal cord malformation occurred during the development of fetus. Spina bifida is the type of neural tube defect. Brain developed from the neural tube. Treatment depends upon the severity of disease but mostly spina bifida is treated successfully by surgically.


Signs and symptoms of spina bifida include:spinabifida Symptoms causes diagnosis treatment

  • Skin marks over the affected area
  • Membranouse sac formation
  • Tissue exposure
  • Nerve’s exposure

The exact cause of this disease is still unknown but it may assume that spina bifida is a complex multifactorial disorder which involved genetic, environmental and biological factors. Sometimes nutritional and folate deficiencies also involved in this condition.


After taking history and conducting physical examination your doctor might recommend the following tests:

  • Check serum alpha-fetoprotein levels
  • Check maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein test
  • Urinary analysis to check any abnormal substance
  • Ultrasound of mother during pregnancy can also reveal such condition
  • Amniocentesis to confirm the spina bifida during intrauterine life

Treatment options include:

  • Fetal surgery during the 26th week
  • Surgery after birth if not diagnosed before delivery
  • Walking aid after surgery to reduce complications
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