Takayasu's Arteritis

Takayasu’s Arteritis

It is an inflammatory condition of blood vessels. Takayasu’s arteritis usually affects the large arteries of the body like aorta which supplies blood from the heart to all the organs and tissues of the body.


Takayasu’s arteritis produce signs and symptoms in two stages:Takayasu's Arteritis Symptoms Treatment

Stage 1

  • Muscle and joints pain
  • Fatigue
  • Low-grade fever
  • Weight loss

Stage 2


The exact cause of Takayasu’s arthritis is still not known yet. But it may be assumed that autoimmune conditions may predispose this condition. After some time this condition obliterated the lumen of the artery and may obstruct the blood flow.


If left untreated it may cause the following complications:


Your doctor after taking the history may perform a physical examination to check the pulse and stiffness and hardening of arteries. He also recommends some tests to rule out the other conditions which cause the same signs and symptoms.

  • Angiography to see the condition of blood vessels.
  • MRA to see the vasculature in better quality.
  • Blood tests to rule out the other causes of inflammation.
  • Check the blood pressure in the blood vessels. It is also called Doppler ultrasound

The main aim of treatment is to reduce inflammation and prevent complications. Treatment options include surgery and medications.

Medication. Your doctor may prescribe you a corticosteroid to stop the inflammation. Other drugs that suppress the activity of the immune system may also help to reduce the signs and symptoms of Takayasu arthritis. Immune regulator medicine also corrects the abnormal function of the immune system.


Surgical options include:

  • Bypass surgery
  • Aortic valve surgery
  • Percutaneous angioplasty
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