This disorder refers to a condition in which there’s increase production of platelets in the body from the bone marrow. This condition refers to as secondary thrombocytosis or reactive thrombocytosis when it occur due to underlying cause like infection.


Often it is asymptomatic but reactive thrombocytosis have clinical presentation related to underlying condition. Essential thrombocytosis have following signs and symptoms due to blood clots and bleeding:Thrombocytosis SYMPTOMS CAUSES TREATMENT


Thrombocytosis is of two types i-e reactive thrombocytosis and essential thrombocytosis. Reactive thrombocytosis is caused by and underlying disease or condition such as acute blood loss, cancer, iron deficiency, spleenectomy or hemolytic anemia. This trigger bone marrow to produce increase number of platelets. However, the cause of  essential thrombocytosis is unclear but it’s likely due to mutation in genes.


Diagnosis of thrombocytosis depends upon detailed medical history and complete general physical examination of the patient. Along with this other tests include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Tests to rule out other conditions like iron deficiency, markers of inflammation, gene mutation and undiagnosed cancers.
  • Treatment option for reactive thrombocytosis is to cure the underlying condition that causes increase level of platelets. Sometimes it may resolve on it’s own
  • Treatment options for essential thrombocytosis, if it’s causing signs and symptoms, are daily low dose of aspirin if there are high chances of blood clot or platelet lowering drugs like hydroxyurea (Droxia, Hydrea) or interferon alfa (Intron A).
  • In severe cases platelets can be removed from the body by a process similar to dialysis
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