Wheat Allergy

Wheat Allergy

This type of allergy occurs due to consumption of wheat. Over activated immune system react to the wheat and causes severe signs and symptoms.


Main signs and symptoms onset is minutes to hours and include;Peanuts Allergy Sypmtoms Treatment

  • Swelling of face and lips.
  • Scratching of throat.
  • Congestion of throat.
  • Cramps in abdomen.

Most commonly wheat allergy occur due to development of antibodies against wheat. Wheat act as allergen and trigger the overly activated immune system. After the sensitization of first exposure second exposure leads to the development of sign and symptoms in patient. Sometimes life-threatening condition anaphylaxis can occur.


Diagnosis depends upon the detailed history and complete general physical examination. Along with that other tests are also there like;

  • Skin test
  • Blood test detecting particular antibodies in blood.
  • Food challenge testing and elimination diet techniques.

Anti-allergic medication like antihistamines for minor reactions or epinephrine injection for major reactions are prescribed by your doctor.

Home Remedies
  • Inform your relatives and friends about your allergy.
  • Keep track of the food you eat.
  • Go to dinner outside cautiously.
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