Acoustic Neuroma


Acoustic Neuroma

(Synonym vestibular schwannoma) it is a benign condition in which tumor is formed on the 8th cranial nerve known as vestibular nerve. It has slow growth rate affecting hearing and balance. Acoustic neuroma arises from shawn cells that is coated around nerve. Occasionally it can be large enough to interfere with the vital functions.


  • Acute or gradual loss of hearingAcoustic Neuroma
  • Usually unilateral but can be bilateral with more defect on one side
  • Tinnitus is defected ear
  • Vertigo
  • Loss of balance
  • Numbness on face or can be paralyzed muscle movements
  • Occasionally, acoustic neuroma can become large enough to compress brain stem become a life threatening emergency


Mainly this condition arises from a genetic mutation on chromosome 22. Genes on this chromosome aids in the growth of shawn cell that covers neurons. This defective gene is also inherited in neurofibromatosis type 2 causing bilateral vestibular schwannomas.


  • Irreversible deafness.
  • Facial muscle weakness.
  • Ringing sensation in ear.
  • Problem in standing still and keeping balance.
  • Hydrocephalus ( fluid in the brain)
  • Testing through audio-metery which is conducted to provide the results about the degree of deafness.
  • MRI or CT scan is used to confirm and detect tumors.
  • Surgery and radiation therapy like stereotactic radio-surgery, stereotactic radiotherapy, proton beam therapy and some supportive care including physical therapy, hearing assistance etc.
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