Brain Metastases

Brain Metastases

Brain metastases occur when tumor or cancers cells spread to the brain from their primary site. Any tumor or cancerous cells can spread to the brain but mostly breast, colon, lungs and kidney cancer metastases to brain.


Signs and symptoms include:Parkinson Disease, Brain metastases


There are three route of metastases hematogenous, lymphatic and by direct seeding of cancerous cell by nearby tissue. From any route cancer cells spread to the brain.


If your doctor is suspected a tumor in your brain then he/she might recommend some tests to diagnosis which include:

  • Imaging test like Xray and MRI to see the brain picture in clear form.
  • Neurological exam to check the normal function of the brain like coordination, reflexes and balance.
  • Laboratory test of body fluids to evaluate the other causes.

If diagnosis made at early stage the brain metastatic tumor responds to treatment better. Treatment options include:

  • Steroids to reduce the inflammation and swelling which help in the surgical procedure later.
  • Surgical procedure. Removal of the tumor involve piece of the brain also help to reduce the signs and symptoms and prevent the further complications.
  • Radiation therapy. Kill the cancerous cells with the help of the radiations.
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