Colour Blindness

Colour Blindness

Colour blindness is actually a lack of ability in one’s eye to differentiate between different colours. It can more appropriately be known to manifested as poor or deficient colour vision.


Symptoms include:

  • Person unable to differentiate between red and green shades. This condition is most common.
  • Person unable to differentiate between blue and yellow shades.
  • Person unable to differentiate any colour.

The main cause of colour blindness is lack of some wavelength sensitive chemicals in eye. Different causes of colour blindness are:


Diagnosis of this condition depends upon detailed medical history and complete general physical examination of patient. Some specialized eye test is done to differentiate colour blindness.


There is no proper treatment for colour blindness but different colour correcting lens are prescribed to manage this. Gene replacement techniques is one of the potential future treatments.

Home Remedies
  • If it’s very crucial to memorize colours remember the order of colour.
  • Label the colour to match it with other objects
  • Use technology to identify colours.
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