Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

It is defined as the increase urge of sex or hypersexuality It is also known as sexual addiction. It can affect your routine work and your health. In compulsive sexual behavior focus is only on the sexual desires and it disturb your life and also damage the relationship.


Symptoms include:Compulsive sexual behavior causes symptoms treatment

  • Intense sexual fantasies
  • Feel tension free after fulfilling the desire
  • Irresistible sexual urge
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Unstable relationship
  • Lack of concentration at work

The exact mechanism of this disorder is not clear ye but it may be assumed that it may occurred due to the imbalance in the brain chemicals which control the sexual activity and urge some time other brain disorder may also predisposed this condition.


If left untreated it may cause the following complications:

  • Addiction to use unhealthy substance like drugs and alcohol
  • Low self esteem
  • Arrested due to sexual offenses
  • Got sexually transmitted infections
  • Your partner may be neglected
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Your doctor will be asked you a certain question to evaluate your condition:

  • Your sexual thoughts
  • Family behavior
  • Relationship status
  • Use off drugs
  • Issues occur due to this behavior

Treatment options include:

  • Medications include antidepressant to reduce the depressive behavior and anxiety, anti-androgen to reduce the effect of male sex hormone, and mood stabilizer to control the bad behavior.
  • Psychotherapy will help to reduce the negativity from life and help to find out the healthy ways to cope up with this situation.
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