Nickel Allergy

Nickel Allergy

Nickel allergy in the frequent cause of allergic contact dermatitis. It mostly occurs after wearing jewelry etc. Nickel can be found in routine items like coins, cell phones, toys etc.


Symptoms starts to appear after hours to days of exposure. Symptoms usually confined to the area of contact but sometimes occur elsewhere in the body too. Symptoms are as follow;Anaphylaxis,redness, itching, utricaria

  • Rashes and bumpy skin.
  • Severe itching
  • Pigmentation or redness on skin
  • Dry patches mimic burns.

Exact cause is not known till now but it can be due to over sensitive immune system body producing antibodies against nickel, prolong exposure results in more powerful immune reaction. Different sources of nickel are Eyeglass frames, Metal tools, E-cigarettes, laptops etc.

  • Detailed history
  • General physical examination.
  • Patch test on skin.
  • No definite cure for nickel allergy.
  • Oral medication like Corticosteroid cream, Nonsteroidal creams, Oral corticosteroid, Oral antihistamine can ease the symptoms.
  • Phototherapy is a long duration but proven therapy for nickel allergy.
Home Remedies
  • Using soothing lotion help to improve the itching and redness of skin.
  • Wet compressor applied to area of blisters can relieve the pain.
  • Do regular moustrization.
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