Sweet's Syndrome

Sweet’s Syndrome

It is a rare skin condition which is manifested as fever and painful skin lesion. Maybe it is triggered by infection or some other illness, skin lesion generally appeared at neck, arms, hands and trunk.

It is also occurring in association with some other type of cancer.

SymptomsSweet's Syndrome Symptoms Treatment

First sign of sweet syndrome is red skin bump lesion appeared on head neck arm and trunk it appears suddenly after a fever and respiratory track illness. Size grow gradually and take the shape of bump.


Most often exact cause of sweet syndrome is not known. It is associated with certain type of cancer which included:

  • Most commonly leukemia
  • Solid tumors like breast and colon

Sometime it arises due to the side effects of certain immune modulators medications.


Skin lesion are prone to get infection readily. Follow the advice of your doctor which prevent the complications of skin ulcers.


It is diagnosis by your doctor at clinic by simply looking at the lesion but you doctor recommends the certain test to rule out the other causes of same lesion.

These tests included:

  • Skin biopsy.
  • Blood tests.

This condition is completely disappeared with proper medication in some people.

Following medication can be used:

  • Oral corticosteroids
  • Creams or ointments
  • Corticosteroid injections
Home Remedies

There is no actual home remedies for this syndrome icing may be provide soothing effect to the lesion and reduce the itching.

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